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An Italian Affair Exhibition  

Brisbane Square Library, 16 May till 12 July 2015

Who hasn’t had a dream to travel to Italy.  “An Italian Affair” is Stefania Zara Kleynendorst’s solo exhibition. The exhibition of the Italian born photographer comprising twenty-five works made between 2010 and 2015 travelling within Tuscany, Sardinia, Milan and Rome.

The artist selected the images from the work collected during her trips to Italy visiting her family while showing her Australian family the places where she grew up.

The exhibition will take you on an imaginary journey, revealing the photographer’s ability to work with the relationships between art, modern and antic architecture, social-cultural, food and old crafts traditions. 

The exhibition will open during the celebration of The Italian Week in Brisbane and is located at the second floor of the Brisbane Square Library and it will display till the end of August.


Wish you meet me or looking for a guided tour I will be more then happy to assist you!

Contact Stefania at 0425.712 616

All prices include GST

premier italian photographic exhibition

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